Success Story

45.914 online user comments for understanding demands and trends for future mobility.

HONDA & textelligence

„By considering real customer feedback,
HONDA is able to build better solutions
for future mobility.“

It is great to have a reliable partner who is proficient in the automotive industry as
well as an expert in the field of finding and evaluating relevant online text data.“ 

Taisuke Mukai
Chief Project Engineer
HONDA R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH

R&D is a driver for continuous improvement.

Innovative companies invest into research and development (R&D) in order to continuously improve their products and services. At its site of Offenbach am Main, Honda R&D Europe develops mobility concepts for the European market. Conception and design of new models as well as extensive driver testing on European roads result in products with an independent look and advanced technology.

Online text data can be a treasure, if you know how to use it.

One of the task within R&D is to understand current needs and anticipate future demands of customers in order to develop future proof concepts and products. To successfully complete this task, online user comments can be of great help as they often reflect the unbiased voice of the customer: likes and dislikes of product features become obvious, usability issues are revealed, and current market trends can be identified within user comments.

Nevertheless, there are certain challenges if you want to benefit from the online data treasure. First, you need to find out, on which platforms users talk about the product, trend or topic you would like to investigate. Second, you need to extract and cleanse the relevant data from which you expect to gain insights. Third, you need to evaluate the high amount of user comments in order to get a deep understanding of customer wishes and expectations. All three steps mentioned above require both an extensive technical expertise as well as a deep understanding, how results need to be prepared for R&D departments in order to gain insights that can be translated into actions.

Beneficial collaboration over years.

Multiple successful R&D projects with the team behind textelligence have provided HONDA with valuable insights about customer wishes and expectations within the German and European market. We are happy to have a reliable partner that understands our automotive R&D demands and is an expert in gaining insights from online text data.


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