Success Story

4,571 free text survey responses for a better understanding of employees from all over the world

Miele & textelligence

„Immer Besser – this attitude is what makes working at Miele and the success of its products so special. To strengthen this attitude, Miele is conducting digital surveys to get a better understanding of its employees all over the world. By evaluating free text responses with the help of intelligent text mining, Miele gets faster results and better insights to strategically develop the company culture.“

I am both impressed and thrilled how quickly the team manages to evaluate the entire survey data while providing deep dive insights on employee feedback from all over the world.“ 

Natalia Satleikina
Director Employee Engagement
Miele & Cie. KG

The role of data in human resources.

In order to strategically develop its corporate culture, Miele relies on actively incorporating the feedback and ideas of its employees from all over the world. This is not an easy task for a company with 22,000 employees represented in more than 100 countries. Different languages as well as diverse communication styles require modern methods of gathering and evaluating employee feedback. Digital approaches and tools for conducting worldwide employee surveys are of great help as strategic insights for human resources (HR) can be based on facts and figures.

From survey data to HR insights.

Miele launches digital employee surveys gathering feedback and ideas from people all over the world. Together with the team from Aachen, the evaluation of the entire international response data is conducted using intelligent text mining. First, all survey responses are translated automatically into English as a common language for further data analysis. Second, the response data is cleansed and evaluated using modern approaches of both artificial and human intelligence. Third, the strategic survey insights are summarized in an executive presentation which is presented to the management board of the Miele company for further actions.

Towards strategic goals from quick and reliable survey insights.

With the help of the intelligent text mining approach, Miele is able to receive relevant survey insights as soon as all international responses have been submitted. In addition, all strategic insights from the employee surveys can be traced back to quantitative results. Thus, all measures for developing the company culture are based on facts and figures, no matter these are larger initiatives or smaller appreciations. Because sometimes it’s the little things that influence the corporate culture in a positive way. For example, when employees at Miele remember their excitement to receive fresh flowers on their first day at work.


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